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Making money is hard work, making payments should not be. Embrace a lifestyle of seamless and convenient payments across a diverse range of accessible and convenient digital platforms.

Our Digital Products

Verve eCash

Verve eCash is a virtual card that works just like your regular debit/ATM card on Quickteller and other digital platforms.

The more often you repay your loan on time, the more your credit rating increases. Your credit rating determines the amount you can borrow.

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Verve Paycode

Verve Paycode enables you to make cardless cash withdrawals from ATMs or from a designated Quickteller Paypoint agent using an individual 8 to 14 digit code.

It also provides a safe, secure and easy way to make payments with POS merchants without having to use your ATM card.

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Verve mPin

Verve mPin is a virtual debit card that works similar to a regular debit or ATM card but is accessible through a mobile device. This 'digital' card enables customers to access funds from their bank account to make payments at a broad range of merchants and outlets in the same way you would use a physical card.

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Verve is the first chip card accepted across all payment channels in Nigeria; and with the introduction of Verve Global, can now be used in over 185 countries across the globe.

Features Overview


Card Option

Debit and contactless solutions to provide users with fast and efficient payment options

Our prepaid cards allow users to spend cash and manage spending efficiently

Products tailored for customer need, with the availability of Verve Classic and Global cards


Customer Friendly

Acceptance at over 100,600 Point of Sale terminals, 11,000 ATMs and over 1,000 online merchants

Straightforward and easy to use


Safe and Secure

Advanced biometric security features such as fingerprint, face and voice recognition