We are enterprising

At heart, we take initiative. Founded in Nigeria, committed to Africa, taking transactions across the continent to the next level.

We are insightful

New perspectives arise when we put ourselves in your shoes. We look for deeper and more accurate understanding of the bigger picture

We are relentless

We are on a continuous mission to innovate. We are relentless in our pursuit to make transactions seamless, intuitive, and convenient.



The Interswitch brand is our Masterbrand, deriving its essence from the founding vision of the company; to facilitate interaction and interconnect the different elements within the financial services sector.

Our visual identity and brand expressions have evolved over the years, and the red ‘running man’ icon which has remained an integral part of the wordmark encapsulates our relentless and progressive drive towards pushing the boundaries of innovation, in the quest to deliver transaction solutions you can always depend on.

Our mandate is straightforward; create a cashless, convenient, and clear interchange; transactions at the speed of thought; a seamless experience…. Intuitive Exchange.



The story and spirit that underpin our Verve brand mirror the essence of Africa and the amazing possibilities that are achievable- if we believe and act!

As Africa’s exchange solution, our heritage is that of a home-grown card, but what’s more defining is our future, which is about leading payments and beyond, to uplift Africa. We are committed to taking payments in Africa to new heights, leveraging local understanding to enable seamless exchange of value. We are the keepers of The African Key to Exchange.

The Verve brand embodies possibilities, zest, and the African dream.



Quickteller is positioned as a convenience platform providing exchange services to all, anytime, anyhow and anywhere in the heart of Africa. We believe in a world where transactions are quick, intuitively convenient and can be made from any channel of your choice at any time & anywhere. This belief is brought to life through the brand proposition ‘Everyday payments made easy’.

As the brand continues to extend into integrating and delivering convenient electronic payment services that are accessible to the unbanked, under-banked and banked, the running man becomes even more dynamic. Quickteller leverages Interswitch’s network of human service interfaces for secure financial transactions across Africa, further driving financial inclusion through Quickteller Paypoint.