Improve your patients experience, upgrade to Interswitch Smart Health

Interswitch Smart Health is a core back-end health ecosystem and processing platform with modules that ease interactions between all stakeholders; healthcare providers, Health Insurance providers, corporate partners, and subscribers, therefore simplifying health care delivery, making it more effective and efficient.
Payment Solutions

Automate your patients health needs

Payment Solutions

Seamless processes and reduce waiting time<

Payment Solutions

Maximising resources, and optimising revenue

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Improved revenue and customer experience for Energy provides

Interswitch Energy is a Retail Management digital platform that allows you to activate improved customer convenience via self-service options, track your inventory better including your wet stock, offer and accept multiple payment options, manage your outlets better and collaborate with corporate organisations more effectively.

Key Features and Perks

Self-service payment option via payment cards

Improved overall customer experience

Effective monitoring of sales

Access to timely & relevant information

Increased revenue generation

Seamless integration of third-party platforms

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Leave a legacy of smart governance

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Streamlined processes, proper citizen identification, transparency and accountability are essential to running an effective government. Our SmartGov solution is specially designed to help governments increase their internally generated revenues, provide citizen ID cards, and ensure accountability by automating internal processes for Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs).

My City Smartcard

The smart ID card is the future of interactions between governments and their citizens. Powered by Verve, it combines biometric identification with payment technology, thus allowing state governments to automate processes, eliminate leakage and improve accountability. Our smartcity automates the following;

Revenue collections

Salary payments for civil servants, contractor payments and more

Education, transportation, and identification schemes

Social benefits, pensions, healthcare, education, and other entitlements

Criminal justice programmes

Optimise your parking service for increased profit

Our parking service is capable of scaling large figures; you should be smiling to the bank. With the right technological infrastructure to power your parking service, a more transparent way to monitor payments and reliable insights into parking needs, you'll be amazed at how much revenue you can make.

Key Features and Perks

A parking management solution (hardware & software) scalable for different business uses: employee/customer parking or complex cases such as tolling and airport access

A variety of ticket options for different customer groups e.g. city garages, airports, convention centers, stadiums, and shopping malls

With available discount, loyalty and contract options

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