Empowering solutions to help businesses reach and retain customers

Our Competitive Advantage

We build customisable digital solutions are specially tailored to help you achieve your business goals

We leverage our robust payments infrastructure, easy to use platform, saving time on customer on-boarding and increasing service efficiency.

Our mobile offerings can help you reach more customers, providing access to banking and financial services on the go

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What we offer

A tailored platform to meet your customers' needs, providing them with a unified, feature rich and intuitive mobile banking experience. Our banking apps are tailored, designed and individually customised to match your business needs.

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Smart banking for any phone with USSD

Our state of the art USSD platform, enables businesses to reach customers in remote areas where internet coverage is low. Using our platform, businesses can provide customers with access to smart banking services via any mobile phone, including smartphones and non-traditional phones.

Power your business with our smart POS integration packages

Access to a convergent multi-network support

Multi-protocol support (HTTP, SMPP, XML) to facilitate connection to external value added service modules

The ability to scale where appropriate to allow for increased traffic loads

Fully customisable, allowing for the combining of USSD services with other mobile services to create unique service offerings

High service availability, enabling your business to run more efficiently with minimal interruption

Ongoing fault management support with a dedicated team here to support you

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Features Overview


Ease of Use

Easily pay your bills direct from the app

Make fund transfers on the go

Apply for micro and nano loans straight from your mobile

Voice-enabled banking for hands-free access

Location enabled services for banking on the go


Customer Friendly

Withdraw money even when you don't have your card

Easy access to your cash with a personalised mobile wallet

Mobile Claim capture services where needed

Built-in Account and card management services

Push notifications ensure users never miss an update

Financial calculators for all your money requirements

Personal finance assistance to help you manage your money

FX payments


Safe and Secure

With Single Sign-On (SSO), users only have to enter their details once

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