Merchant Acquiring

Accept payments online and offline from multiple channels - Web, POS and QR

Enhance direct consumer reach by integrating payment technology directly into your business

Our platform provides a purpose built, comprehensive suite of integrated payment solutions tailored to suit your business needs across a variety of industries and payment channels such as Web, QR and POS.

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Increased transaction volumes and success rates

A core benefit of this service is that it benefits both the merchant and the acquirer, positioning them for increased transaction volumes and success rates

Features Overview


Ease of Use

Accessible across multiple channels to broaden payment acceptance

Independent fully customisable and integrated solutions, tailored to your specific business needs


Customer Friendly

Merchants can receive direct to account payments, increasing efficiency for your business

Ability to accept non-card payments across different channels in addition to POS

Users have access to a Device Identity Management tool, to help streamline business processes

Our customisable administrator and reporting portal enables businesses to gain insights and data analysis to monitor and make any necessary improvements

The platform also facilitates acceptance of a number of different card schemes including Verve, Mastercard and Visa

Users can set up ongoing or recurring payments to speed up the process for regular bills


Safe and Secure

We provide secure and seamless unique online payment solutions that suit your business needs

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