Zero Integration set-up cost, 5% referral commission for developers.

Only valuable things are worth sharing and purveyors of brilliant opportunities are also entitled to great rewards.

This belief underscores the decision of Interswitch, Africa's leading integrated payments, and digital commerce company, to treat the country’s developers’ community to mouth-watering benefits.

Since the company’s introduction of Quickteller Business in 2019, it has since evolved its pricing model, completely removing the integration set up fees and allowing developers integrate to Interswitch services at no cost. The company has now announced an added value proposition for developers and merchants using Interswitch APIs.

Developers and merchants that have been onboarded on Interswitch’s easy-to-integrate Application Programmable Interfaces (API) Platform will earn an income for the next five years through a dedicated referral system.

The 5% referral system unveiled at a recent event tagged "Codecall Africa" is to reward developers who refer merchants to use its APIs. Interswitch’s “5 for 5 business referral schemes: Earn 5% for 5 years” remains the highlight of the unveiling.

Abdul-Hafiz Ibrahim, Group Head, Engineering, Paymate, Interswitch, said, "The 5% referral system is Interswitch's way of giving back to the tech community."

Sunday Olaniyan, Business Manager, Merchant Acquiring, Interswitch, explained simple steps to access the 5% referral system, saying “when a merchant/developer refers another developer/merchant to the API platform in the category, they earn 5% of every transaction fee that Interswitch charges on their referred merchant/developer for 5 years.”

Ibrahim also added, "Launching our API Platform was driven by the need to make API integration seamless for developers without the bureaucratic hurdles that have characterized the API-integrating system over the past few years."

The event's purpose was to provide some of the fintech giant's recent innovative offerings to start-ups, developers, and other players in the technology ecosystem.

Besides, the API platform consists of different tools from which developers and business owners can select. The 20-year-old firm has APIs that deliver value to the Nigerian fintech system for easy product and service development.

Included in Interswitch’s suite of protocols ​are Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), lending, credit scoring, and KYC verification—consumer and business identity verification—as well as payments, collections, transfers, digital services, and value-added services (VAS).

Ibrahim walked the attendees through the updated Interswitch API self-service portal, which comprised of an API reference page for testing, a well-structured documentation, and a Slack community for additional communication to facilitate the exchange of information, issues, and solutions sharing. More than 800 engineers are already members of the Interswitch Developers’ community.

The tech giant remains focused on providing digitally-empowering products for developers and business owners, crafting solutions for the everyday African.

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