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Verve is an EMV payment card, which meets the unique needs of the African electronic payment market while still consistent with international standards and an international outlook. Verve provides convenience and control beyond cash for individuals and corporate organizations and is currently one of the fastest growing and most widely issued Pan-African card schemes with wide international acceptance.

Verve features include:

Access to Verve-Connect partner ATMs ; This means withdrawal from over 900+ATMs country wide

Wider regional and international acceptance on ATMs , POS and Online merchants

It complies with the global standard and direction for electronic payments; Our cards are EMV Compliant

Largest domestic debit card scheme in Africa

More than 19 million cards activated on its network

Issued as a debit, prepaid and payment card

Issued by banks and Saccos across Kenya

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Secure payments at your fingertips

As the largest domestic card scheme in Africa, Verve offers chip + PIN payment cards providing issuers, cardholders and organisations with a high quality, customised suite of physical payment card products and solutions.

Our Cards

Verve Connect

Verve Connect Partner Bank Customers have access to all ATMs on our network

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Verve Paycode

Verve Paycode is an 8-digit code that allows you to perform cardless withdrawals and payments directly from your bank account or mobile money wallet.

Verve Paycode is accepted at the;




M-pesa Connect

This Service Allows M-pesa Customers to carry out withdrawals at any of our 1000 Verve Connect ATMs. With the 555 555 agent number, your customers are able to access M-pesa withdrawal services at any Verve branded ATM and Agents in Kenya. Your customers enjoy a faster, convenient, and secure way to access Mpesa via the ATM.

Withdraw at any Verve Connect ATM and Agents in Kenya

Faster, convenient, access Mpesa via the ATM

Transaction security guaranteed

24/7 accessibility

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Verve, Africa’s first indigenous chip card is widely accepted across all payment channels in Kenya; and with the introduction of the Verve Global card, it’s now accepted in 185 countries across the globe.

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