Interswitch Disbursement Solutions

Easy and Secure Payments; Anytime, Anywhere

Interswitch Disbursement Solution is an efficient platform for managing multiple credit payments across Organizations. It enables organizations to perform one-off or recurring direct credit multiple payments to vendors, contractors, suppliers, and staff across multiple banks / mobile wallets in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Bulk Payments with Autopay

Our platform provides a way to simplify how your business makes and tracks bulk payments to banks and individual customers, through an easy to use solution brought to you by Autopay Advantage.

Features Overview


Ease of Use

Minimal infrastructure requirements to integrate and adapt to a web based solution

Single view for monitoring all accounts domiciled in various banks but managed centrally from this system


Customer Friendly

Real time access to reports and status of all pending payments

Replicates your organisation’s signatory hierarchy within the application

Instant notification to recipients via e-mail or SMS


Safe and Secure

Funds transfer capabilities across registered bank accounts and mobile money wallets

Online real-time bank accounts details/balances independent of any third party

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