Interswitch supports the Transport Sector for the Lagos Transport Fest

To achieve the vision of a prosperous Africa, Interswitch has taken it upon itself to support the envisioning and building of required infrastructure to transform Nigeria’s transport sector's largely manual and dysfunctional systems into world-class, integrated systems leveraging digital technology.

The Lagos Transport Fest, which was held on December 13, 2021, at The Civic Centre in Lagos, was a great platform and opportunity for Interswitch to showcase its existing technology infrastructure and seamless payment solutions alongside other valuable offerings which will help drive economic growth, especially in the transport sector. Interswitch is always delighted to join forces with stakeholders across key sectors to promote opportunities for innovation and efficiency that can lead to better value-realization, and transportation is a key frontier in this regard, being a pivot for commerce and logistics, enabling the smooth delivery of services and products. Through innovation and digital technology, such collaborations continue to shape the future of Nigeria’s transportation sector to ensure easier and more effective trade, supply chain, and economic value delivery in Africa. Read more about Interswitch’s strategic intent underpinning this initiative

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