Interswitch Chairman heads Charles Olisa Charity Foundation to lift SMEs, others.

The Chairman of Interswitch, Sir Kenneth Aphunezi Olisa, OBE has been named as the Chairman of the newly – floated charity organisation, Charles Olisa Charity Foundation, COCF, whose primary focus is poverty alleviation by way of providing grants to small and medium scale enterprises, SMEs, environmental sanitation and beautification, access to healthcare for the poor, low-income earners and skill acquisition for youths.

The pioneer Chairman of the Olisa Charles Foundation, Sir Olisa OBE is a distinguished son of Late Charles Olisa who died in 1963 & hails from Aboh Kingdom in Ndokwa East LGA, Delta State, Nigeria.

Sir Olisa OBE, in his opening address presented by his representative, Dr Charles Olisa (his nephew), the Chairman explained that the Foundation was named and dedicated to his late father, Charles Harry Okolo Olisa, to further immortalise him, having left what he described as enduring superlative legacies for his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

He said: “What you are seeing here today is the celebration of a life well spent by our grandfather to whom we are proud. He led a meaningful life leaving a history of integrity, excellence, moral probity, good name…for we, his children. And, today, we are making history in his name as we immortalise him to further plant his philosophy of touching humanity positively.

According to the Nigerian British-born, “the primary focus of the foundation is to uphold the principles of social justice, gender equality, and social equality, which my late dad firmly believed in.

Stressing further, Sir Olisa OBE explained that the Foundation would continue the life of corporate social responsibility and humanitarian ethos of his late father, pointing out that the thematic areas will be education funding for indigent students, grants to small medium enterprises to boost their businesses, environmental sanitation and beautification, access to healthcare for the poor & low-income earners and skill acquisition for Nigeria’s teeming youths. The Foundation will commence its activities from April 2022.

Culled from: Vanguard

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