From the GMD’s Desk

For most people, the dawn of the year’s second half calls for recalibration and evaluation. It’s often a time to reassess the organisation’s goals for the year vis-a-vis the progress made so far. For us at Interswitch, our Financial Year is only a quarter old and more than ever, we are focused on our projections for the year underway.

We recognize the place of culture in the pursuit of excellence and the invaluable role our people play. We have therefore invested considerable time and resources in ensuring that our vision is translated into value, and our recently updated core-values actually define your experience with us.

While we continue to promote the kind of workplace and culture that makes delivering excellent service easy, we have also renewed focus on optimizing our products to suit your needs, activating and prioritizing the touchpoints that matter to you. Although the results may not be obvious yet, as we allow time do its work, we can boldly assure you that better days are here.

Why are we going to such great lengths at such uncertain times as this? It’s because we realise that tough situations feel better when key aspects of our lives work on cue. Every time we empower a business with the tools to succeed in the digital market place, we give someone a reason to hope, a reason to keep trying. Every time a transaction goes through without hassle, someone somewhere is encouraged to believe in the African dream. Everything that we do right contributes directly or indirectly to building the Africa of our dreams. Since our purpose is to inspire Africa to greatness, we cannot afford to leave any stones unturned.

Against our best hopes, the pandemic yet continues to rage and the need for safety is still paramount. Nevertheless, our lives must continue, we must make the most of the times, and grow our continent while we are it.

I welcome you to this edition of The Switch, I hope you enjoy your foray into our world as you flip through the pages of the last quarter.

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