From the GMD’s Desk

And just like that, the second quarter of 2021 is already upon us!

For us at The Switch, another financial year has gone by, one mostly characterized by challenging, yet exhilarating and enlightening experiences. Without reminding us of the unpalatable experiences of the year gone by, I’d like to reiterate that every crisis is indeed an opportunity in disguise. As we draw the curtains on this financial year as an organization, we have been presented with another invaluable opportunity to analyze the work done so far, assess learning curves, and identify areas of improvement.

Although the spotlight is on our organization, permit me to extend the same sentiment to our partners and friends, encouraging them to carry out these assessments individually. One thing is certain; little exercises like these can place people and organizations at vantage points. This has been at the core of our successes over the years at Interswitch.

Drilling further into the business, these are indeed very exciting times. We have witnessed massive acceleration, specifically within the Fintech industry, and much as it is expected, it is also quite laudable.

Our industry is a very interesting one. The opportunity in Africa remains vast. As prior accomplishments pave the way for new milestones, the pertinent question becomes; ‘What’s next?’ Are there untapped and underserved sectors yet to be explored? Beyond core payment, are there non-financial sectors where significant value exists to be unlocked? Is it time to see beyond the big picture and to set our sights on adapting our skills, competencies, and learnings over the last nineteen years in fintech towards creating much-needed value in non-financial sectors?

These are some of the questions we have been attempting to answer, as the times reveal a need to drive growth beyond the sectors that led to our initial feat. As we step up to the plate, one of our adaptive measures is to retool for the new phase ahead. However, we will continue to put our customers at the forefront of our activities, while fulfilling our commitment to our partners. We are assured that these strategic steps will yield results in no distant future. And as expected, trusted partners and friends like you will be the first to know.

Cheers to growth and new frontiers, let’s do more!

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