A word from Mitchell

More often than we would like, we find ourselves caught between a rock and a hard place in our individual and corporate endeavours. I say caught, because no matter how dire the circumstances appear, we are never really without options, except we choose to believe so.

For us at Interswitch, we are quite familiar with difficult situations. Whatever success we have achieved is built on the back of the challenges we found ourselves in, anchored on the firm understanding that succeeding in Africa depends on the ability to convert challenges to opportunities.

So even now, with a war underway in Ukraine, scarcity and inflation hitting an all-time high, and the peculiar situations the African countries we serve continue to grapple with; our question remains- “how can we turn this around? Are there opportunities in this chaos? Is there a way out of this quagmire?”

It is questions like these that have driven us this far, and we are confident that thinking like this is how we will get ahead.

Regardless of the magnitude of difficulty and opposition, we are left with only one choice – to push ahead. That is the only option really. Like they say, “when life throws lemons at you, grab a glass and make lemonade.”

Pushing ahead begins with doing your part; whether it is going the extra mile to exercise your civic right in an election year, raising your voice and wielding your influence for the greater good, unlocking technology to solve a problem, or simply doing your best in your little corner.

Here at Interswitch, we play our part by creating a productive work environment for our employees, engaging in corporate social responsibility, upgrading our products to suit our users’ evolving needs and providing multiple touchpoints for consumers to connect and advance.

This newsletter will walk you through some of our activities, highlighting the events and milestones of the last quarter, both in Nigeria and across Africa, while whetting your appetite for what lies ahead.


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